Customize Your Own Topic

Type: Cancer Caregivers Curriculum
Price: $5,000.00


Customize Keynote & Seminar Topics for lunchtime talks, conferences & employee wellness programs.

We will customize cancer caregiver curriculum to your audience and/or help you develop your own topic.

Attendees report highest satisfaction rating when seminars are interactive, informational & educational. 

You pick the date, time; promote the event, provide the venue, AV and food/beverage.

We collaborate in creating the curriculum with you that best suit your audience. We will create attendee handouts and provide 1 faculty.*

*Maximum 3 hour seminar, faculty travel and out of pocket expenses billed separately, handout copies limited to 50.

Methods of Instruction: Faculty will utilize a variety of instruction methods including: lecture, group discussions, hands-on activities, and other teaching methods.

Contact us to create your event:

Barbara Kavanagh, M.S.W.
Founder & CEO, Arizona Myeloma Network
Direct Line: 623-466-6246 or Email