Host a Seminar Your Way OR "Munch and Learn"

Type: CCEP Sponsor
Price: $4,000.00


Host your own CCEP® Seminar $4,000 or Series of 4 "MUNCH AND LEARN"**                                   

  • You pick the date and time; promote the event and provide the venue, AV and attendee food/beverage
  • You select 1 of 10 highly rated topics
  • AzMN will provide the curriculum, online registration and attendee handouts*

**Maximum 3 hours for 1 seminar OR 50 minutes for each "Munch and Learn", faculty travel and out of pocket expenses billed separately, handout copies limited to 50. 

Call us to customize a Cancer Caregiver event, seminar, Munch and Learn, focus group or Keynote: 623-466-6246 or email at